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   Henry "Hank" Korsiak was born in 1921.  He was an aerospace design engineer who originally took an interest in making cues because of the high cost of cue repairs.  He quickly became known for his precision repairs and immaculate restorations.  In 1968, with a design to make a great hitting, well balanced cue with style and durability, that was affordable to the average man.  He eagerly took on the challenge by creating the Corsair Cue. 


    Hank made all variations of cues utilizing only the best material.  The majority of cues he made were one of a kind.  However, he also made hustler, snooker, jump, break, three-piece, semi-custom and bumper pool cues.


    Around 1970, Hank introduced an innovative design of a black phenolic cue.  This cue quickly became noted for its exceptional hit, balance, remarkable durability and black wood-like appearance.  It was appropriately named "The Black Beauty."


   Throughout the decades, Hank continued to refine and create a high quality affordable custom cue. After twenty-four plus years of distinctive custom cue making and repair service, Hank passed away.  Since his death, all cues made by Hank have become extremely valuable and highly collectible.  It is estimated that throughout his life he made less than 4,000 custom cues. 


   Today, his son Roger continues in the family tradition of Corsair Custom Cues.  He has been making cues since 1984.  Each cue is hand crafted in the identical manner as his father.  Repairs are still performed with the same precision and  philosophy as they were in the beginning.




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